Over it

Today I feel lost, lost in life, lost in everything I put myself in. Do things ever get better? I really hope so…I’m sick of living in a world where everything goes the opposite way. Its not fair…but life’s not fair as my dad always says..Its stupid how we all have to do dumb things to get where we are suppost to go. “We all make mistakes.” Im sick of hearing that. Im sick of people aways asuming I’m doing things wrong. Maybe it seems right at the time or in my head, but do you have to point out that its wrong? NO

this is my first ever blog entry and as you can see im very upset. All my posts wont be like this though so if you are looking to follow don’t just judge it off of this one post. My blog will be about my feelings yes. whether they are good or bad.. This blog isn’t for anyone  but me so if you don’t care to see it then don’t follow.

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